www.AolMail.com Create Account | AOL Mail Sign Up & Login

www.aolmail.com /Aol Mail Sign Up & Login : In this article we are going to guide you how to create Aol mail account. It is one of the best email service at present after hmail & Hotmail. Check out this article for Aol mail login process & features of Aol Mail.

Aolmail.com is a web mail service provided by AOL inc (known as American Online), a subsidiary of Verizon Communications. The web based email service was quite popular in the earlier days when it has started. Nowadays it has been greatly overshadowed by email giants like Gmail and Yahoo. But nonetheless, AOL mail is a pretty decent email service with multiple intuitive features. Aolmail.com service is as good as any of its counterparts. so, We going to discuss about creating an AOL mail account and how to login Aol mail account. I have clearly explained the process with images so please follow the same to get your www.aolmail.com account.

About AOL Mail

Before going to the topic, have a look about AOLMail.com. This company used to provide a service called as Playnet tāo host multiplayer gaming. Later it was closed after providing services naming Q-Link which has the extended services which provided by playnet . After that they went to non gaming services and introduced American Online which usually provides dial up service, Online chats, News etc.

on 1995, Aol has announced that they are providing email accounts & Web mail for paid and also give access to high speed internet. In some days they made their web mail service free as the users of AOL are cancelling their accounts and started using free web based email services such as Hotmail. Gmail & Yahoo. And now AOL was acquired by Verizon.

Services Provided By AOL

  • AIM (AOL Instant Messenger)
  • AOL Video – Allows Users to Upload Videos
  • X Drive – Allows users to Store files & data online
  • AOL News – Updates the latest news & Media on the homepage
  • Dial Up Internet Access
  • AOL Search – Like google AOL is also having a search engine @ www.aol.com which helps to find local places etc.

AOL Mail Key Features

This email service is integrated with a number of innovative features that makes it a pretty good webmail client. Here we are going to explain some of the extraordinary features that www.AOLmail.com is offering while using their services, let us take a look.

Email Organization

When it comes to organizational capabilities, AOL mail offers pretty good organization. With this mail service you can create customized folders to store your emails which makes it pretty easy to find the emails and sorts the mail inbox according to your preference.

Storage Space

Similar to other email services of its kind AOLmail.com offers an unlimited storage space so that you can keep your emails as long as you want and don’t have to delete them readily.


You can add attachments to your email and the attachment size can extend up to 25 MBs which is similar to popular email services like Yahoo and Gmail.

Powerful Filters

www.AOLmail.com has some powerful filters that makes sorting of emails a convenient affair and saves a lot of your time. These filters sort the emails automatically into different folders without you having to take the manual effort.

Additionally, it comes with anti-spam and junk filters that scourges out the spam from your inbox and provides protection against spamming and phishing.

Email Signature

You can create your own customized signature with AOL mail and even add images and links to it.


AOL offers many themes and skins to customize the appearance of your email inbox. You can now personalize the user interface with the availability of themes.

www.AOLMail.com Create Account | AOL Mail Sign Up & Login


Logging in to your AOL Mail account gives you access to all of its features. All you need are the login credentials to get access to your account. However to get these credentials, you need to create www.Aolmail.com account first. This step by step tutorial will guide you on Aol mail sign up and login accordingly.

First of all, open your web browser and open https://mail.aol.com for AOL mail official website.

If you have already registered on AOL Mail, you can simply Login Aolmail using your login credentials and if you don’t already have an account you have to create a new one.

AolMail.com Sign up

To create a new account on AOL, open mail.aol.com. You will get login page as shown in the below. There is also a option with sign up. click on that for Aol mail sign up.

Aol mail sign up
Aol mail sign up

This will redirect you to another page where you’ll have to enter some of your personal details to create a new account. So here you enter your first name, your last name and then select a username according to your preference, create a password and then confirm it.

Make sure to keep your password is strong enough so that no can can guess your login password & enter into your account. 

Further you’ll be asked to enter your date of birth, gender & Mobile Number.

Aol Mail Details
Aol Mail Details

Click on continue. A 5 Digit code will be sent to your mobile number for the Verification. After successful verification your account in www.aolmail.com is created.

Aol Mail creation

Once your account has been created, you are redirected to www.aol.com home page where you can get latest news & updates, Search engine on top & profile on right side top.

Aol Mail Login

After getting Aol Mail account, you can login any time you want. Simply open mail.aol.com. you are redirected to www.AolMail.com login page.

  • Enter your email address and password. Click on Sign In.
  • After entering the correct credentials you will be logged in.
  • Then, You’ll be directed to your email account and start sending and receiving messages.
Aol mail login & sign in
Aol mail login & sign in


Hence, www.AOLMail.com is a great email service that can easily match up to Gmail and Yahoo’s standards. Hopefully this Aol mail login guide helped in providing useful information regarding Aol mail sign up & login.

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