Ludo King Game on PC | How to Play Ludo King Online

Ludo King for pc and mobile apk: Are you in love with the board games? Here is something that can be an interesting experience for you. You will certainly be addictive to the fun that can be a part of your lives for free. You can play it all alone with the computer, or you can even play against players locally. You can even play the matches against online players also. This can also connect people all over the world.

In a single match, there can be four players at the maximum. So if you want to spend some good time with your friends with the utmost convenience. The outing is not the only option. You can even have an interesting ludo match sitting comfortably at home. Here is a guide by that can help you know about the features of the Ludo king on PC and the steps to be followed while playing it in the PC:

Ludo King Game on PC | How to Play Ludo King Online Windows 7,8,10

Ludo King PC Game
Ludo King PC Game

What are the features of Ludo King?

Here are some of the cool features of the application:

  • You do not have to have access to the internet.
  • Can play with your family and friends.
  • Multiplayer mode can be accessed.
  • Can play online with nine competing rooms.
  • Can even invite friends.
  • Rules are simple.
  • The graphics are classic.
  • You can have buddies all over the world.

What’s new in the application?

Here are some of the new features in the application:

Real chat with friends and buddies:

This is one of the best features and is a new feature as well. People can make buddies with this feature. Thus, switch to this game and have an answer to your boredom.

Auto move system:

The system is quite automated. If you have no other moves to make, then all you need is to roll your dice, and that’s all. The Ludo King can help you make a move automatically.

One can resume the game:

One can even resume the game after a while, and this is one of the best features of the game.

One can even offer challenges:

This game also has one of the latest features of offering challenges. You can offer challenges to your friends and relatives.

Can help in enhancing the online connectivity:

The ludo king online connectivity enhances in the application. Thus, one just does not require to have a firm internet connection to play in the ludo King.

User-friendly UI:

The user-friendly UI is also something that makes it one of the most convenient option to go for. This board game is so user-friendly that a non-tech s-savvy person can also use the application with ease.

Make buddies all over the world:

This allows you to make buddies all over the world.

Bug fixes and improvements:

The application can even fix the bugs and can also improve itself.

What are the pros of Ludo King?

Some of the pros of the game are enlisted as follows:

Simple gameplay:

The gameplay is quite simple in this application, and at the same time, most of the game is automated. The only choice that is offered is to roll the die and then select the move that is to be taken. But still, the game is the best one as people do enjoy a lot. If there is only one option of the move that can be taken, then the move is automated. All one would require to do in that case is to roll the dice. This is a great game to be played. This feature of the game is one of the best ones, which makes it simple for the players to have a fun experience.

Rules are understandable:

The rules of the games are quite understandable. One need not require to make efforts to understand the rules and regulation of the games. They are simple, and one can easily understand them.

This is quite challenging:

The games is just not a simple one, but at the same time, this is challenging as well. This is what makes the game more engaging. Starting the journey around the board and getting all of the pieces inside is one of the most challenging things, and this is entertaining at the same time.

There are multiple ways to play:

There are many ways of getting entertained by playing the game. One can play along with the computer. One can play offline by passing the devices to multiple players. Another thing is one can even choose to play with the unknown players online.

Ludo King Game on PC – How to Play Ludo King Online

Ludo King Game on PC - How to Play Ludo King Online Windows 7,8,10
Ludo King Game on PC – How to Play Ludo King Online Windows 7,8,10

Install Ludo King on Windows Using Android Emulator 

Following are the steps to be followed while installing Ludo on PC:

  • The first and foremost step is to download Bluestacks on PC.
  • Then download the apk file of the Ludo King for Windows PC. You will have to search for the source and then get the file downloaded in your PC.
  • Open the bluestacks and open the apk file of the Ludo King using the Bluestacks.
  • Thus, it will be installed on PC.
  • The application is ready to be used in a PC.

Method 2: Ludo King Online 

Here is the easy method to play ludo King Online. You just need to visit the official website of Ludo King & Login / Play as Guest from that website.

  • Visit :
  • After visiting the website you will get all the features & options those were in Android / iOS app.
  • You can play with your friends or with online users.

Conclusion : 

So these some of the things that one must know about the Ludo King. In the local game, one requires to pass the device, which is great fun. Some intense action games are not always what the mood seeks. At times, we love to play simple, fun games that can rejuvenate the mindset. Go through the guide and get to know all about the Ludo Kings and the ways with which that can be installed on PC. This is one of the deceptively simple game.

This is surely an addictive game and is a really fun way to pass the time. You can start it playing over the comfortable couch of your home or even at the waiting room before the appointment of a doctor. This can be fun enough that you would just look for another chance to try your luck and claim your victory in the game. Many features make the application a refreshing one to be used. Above all, the features of the application convenient for people to be used conveniently.

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