Change Touchpad Sensitivity on Laptop (Windows 10,8,7)

Changing the touchpad Sensitivity on Laptop : The primary need of any Laptop other than the keyboard is the Touchpad. The sensitivity of Touchpad will have a profound effect on your productivity and also determines the quality of the same. So, we have come with the simplest methods to adjust the touchpad sensitivity on your Laptop for Windows 10,8 and 7 respectively. Continue reading further, to discover more about the need for adjusting the speed of your touchpad and other facts about it.

Reasons to change the touchpad sensitivity of the Laptops:

If the touchpad sensitivity is more or less than the required amount, it will simply become a hindrance in your tasks. We all prefer Laptops for smooth work experience and to deliver quality work within the meantime. If the touchpad sensitivity is considerably low, then it disturbs the entire task by responding as slow as possible. If the touchpad sensitivity is adversely high, then it again causes serious troubles leading to a messy experience. Sometimes the effects can end up with irreversible damage due to some avoidable petty mistakes.

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Steps to change touchpad sensitivity on Windows 10 Laptop:

  • Open your laptop and reach Windows settings.
  • Click on Devices (Bluetooth, printers, mouse).
  • Select touchpad or mouse based on the device you are using.
  • Adjust the cursor speed.
  • Find Touchpad sensitivity option below.
  • Set at the pace as desired.

This is a simple step that helps you adjust the touchpad sensitivity on your laptop. Where you can just open settings and look for Device settings particularly. Now open touchpad and adjust its sensitivity which is just a single step method. The sensitivity options vary from low to high, which is nothing but the speed at which the pointer moves by accessing your touchpad. If you are using the mouse instead of the touchpad, then just look for mouse settings and follow the same process as mentioned above.

Steps to change touchpad sensitivity on Windows 8,7 Laptops:

We have already gone through the simple process in changing the touchpad sensitivity of the Windows 10 Laptop. It comes with all the advanced features and is a bit easier when compared to other versions. But, you need not worry as we have performed thorough research to find out the most comfortable methods in changing the touchpad sensitivity in Laptops with Windows 8 and 7. Just follow the step by step process as mentioned below.

  • Open the Control panel.
  • Find the devices option and click on the “touchpad” to adjust the sensitivity.
  • Gently move the cursor to increase or decrease the speed.

This is a similar method offered by Windows 10. But you can also adjust the touchpad sensitivity through an additional method availed in versions 7,8 as follows:

  • Open the Run box on your Laptop.
  • Type “regedit” in the space provided.
  • It simply redirects to the Registry editor and you need to form a path to reach the desired settings.
  • The necessary path is Computer/User/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/PrecisionTouchpad.
  • Now you will be provided with few options.
  • Choose “AAP Threshold” among them and it allows you to adjust it by adding the desired rate.
  • Now close that after editing the sensitivity and restart the computer to save the settings permanently.

These are the easiest methods available to change the touchpad sensitivity in the laptops containing Windows 10,8,7. Choose a suitable method and do let us know your opinions and queries if any.

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