10 Best PS4 Multiplayer Games To Play Right Now (CO-OP Games)- 2020

Keeping aside the hectic schedule for a day, an hour time can be spent with friends or family to play some fantastic games. Some of the best PS4 games are available for you to enjoy leisure time. These games are not only addictive but also enjoyable at the same time. Earlier, multiple television screens were essential to playing co-op games, but that is not the case anymore.

Play Station franchise has brought up new co-op games this year that requires a single television screen. Some of the PS4 games are paid while some are free. You can check it online before you wish to play one. In this article, you will know about some of the best ps4 co-op games of 2019.

10 Best PS4 Multiplayer Games To Play Right Now (CO-OP Games)- 2020

Best PS4 games
Best PS4 games

Unravel Two

This game is all about two yarn creatures that are on a mission to traverse the world with their tiny size and abilities. The gameplay allows the two tiny creatures to show some acrobatic skills to clear the missions. They need to avoid natural obstacles such as natural hazards or animals. The barriers, at times, maybe tricky or challenging for the players. The players need to strategize a bit to proceed further. The game has impressive graphics and is a thriving two-player game for PS4.


It is one amongst the many co-op racing games available for PS4 such as Mario Kart. You are a silly racer in the game rushing through the obstacles. There are no much changes than the previous version. The fun racing has the same lava flows, dinosaurs, and much more. Collect the wumpa fruits and bang open the crates.

It is going to be a nostalgic game for the players out there. Checking out the early day game with modern graphics is a visual treat. This version supports online multiplayer, allowing you to team up with your gaming mates. There are several tracks and karts available for you to enjoy the joyful ride.

A Way Out

It is a strategic co-op game which allows only two players to start. The gameplay is all about teaming up of two players inside a prison and plans their escape. If you crave for action and adventure, then this is one of the best ps4 games for you. You will find heists, co-op mechanics, set-pieces, and narrative gameplay to make it even more adventurous.

Escaping from jail is quite big a thought, and putting yourself in that situation as a player is challenging. It does not matter if your friend has not purchased the game. This online co-op game allows both the players to play even if only one has made the purchase. This game comes with excellent animation and graphics and enables one or two players at once.


It is the latest version of DQB 2 for PS4 with more extensive and bold experience. DQB2 is now co-operative which supports multiplayer for both online and offline. You can play along with three of your mates to enjoy the thrill. The new mode will allow you even to fly and swim in the game. Harvesting and Growing are of more focus this time. Support your village with food supplies and also fight with DQ monsters to save it. You can also enjoy the quest solo with the company of Malroth.

Apex Legends

In the race of battle royale games, Apex Legends is another milestone achieved. This game is playable in the squad and is a shooting game. A team of three players takes up the fight against the other 57 players online. The game is all about the last man standing. If your team manages to stay alive till the last eliminating other squads, your team wins.

It is different from that of fortnite and PUBG. The characters are way too different than those games. If you wish to get into enjoying the intense fights with your opponents and building your defenses, then Apex legends are the game for you. Apart from your gaming skills, Apex legends also have eight classes that enhance the ability of the character. It makes the game more interesting and allows you to play better.

The Divisions 2

People are not that big a fan of The Division but do not ignore this game based upon the reputation of the first part. Get along with your friends, select your class, and play this co-op game with your tactics. The company has learned from its mistakes. The game is going to get regular updates from the creators. You can also build your base by completing missions on the same hand.

This game is all about co-ordination. Come along with your gaming squad to win this The game is going to get intense with passing the time, and the players get deeply involved in it. Do not fight while conveying instructions as the moment might be extreme, but it is still just a game. This multiple player crew game is also on the top ten lists of PS4 games.

LEGO DC Super-Villains

LEGO video games are just amazing to play with buddies, and DC supper villain ones are best of all. It is a new game to this series for the players who want to act villain. Experience the powers of your favorite villains in this game. This game does not support online co-op, but you can play it offline along with your buddies. LEGO is known for giving out amazing games for both kids and adults. This game combines all your favorite DC characters in one to let you play evil this time.

Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil-The movie has already set a benchmark giving out the best cinematic experience. The creators have tried hard to bring in the same adventure and action in its horror game version. The gameplay is all about you being trapped on an island full of Zombies. To double the fun, you can play it in pairs to increase your chances of survival. It is one of the best and most intense co-op games of PS4.

The lengthy chapter stages are challenging to complete, and it challenges the players making this game an addictive one. You can blast off heads of the zombies to give them the most damage. Keep in mind to save your ammo for the long run. If you run out of ammo, then dodging the zombies would be difficult. This game has impressive graphics and allows two players to play at once.

Payday 2

If you wish to experience a bank robbery while sitting on your couch, then this is the game for you. It is intense that allows you to work in teams and rob a bank with alarms and police trails. The game is all about co-operation as you need to strategize the plan accordingly. Make sure your friend does not pull out the gun and shoots at everyone, the Police will be quicker than usual.

The game has impressive graphics, and the direction is clear to give some action and adventure to the players. You can play this game in a bunch of four to execute the bank robbery plan. Proceeding further in the game, you might experience more tense situations which require immediate and prompt decisions. That point is where your co-operative skills will be on the test.


If you are looking for a fun game with adventure, action, shooting, and strategy, then you have no better option than Fortnite. Believe it or not, Fortnite with friends is an addiction. It is one of the most famous Battle Royale game and is free. Every week there is a refreshment of missions to give the players something new to do every week.

You will land on an Island with a team of four and try to survive till the end fighting amongst the other players of the server. You can build walls or domes to defend yourself from the attacks of the enemies. If you survive till the last, you win the game. Keep playing to improve your skills and get the best stats and compare them with your friends’.


These are the top 10 best PS4 games, 2019, which are famous globally amongst the players. At times gaming becomes essential when it comes to spending time with family or friends. Some games mentioned by techntutos above can also be played with strangers to make new friends globally. Some games require strategic gameplay while some require bold and head-on moves.

If you have not yet played any of the above games, then it’s time for you to add some thrill to your life. Get along with your friends to try the best ps4 multiplayer games to build a sense of teamwork between you and your friends. Keep it in mind not to fight over games as it is just addiction and has no connection to reality. Play hard and break your records.

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