Top 10 Best Instant Personal Loan Apps- Get Instant Money to Bank

Top 10 Instant Personal Loan Apps: With everything becoming digitalized, even the process of getting instant personal loans has become digital friendly as many apps have been developed to do so. We all are aware of how the invention of internet and the app era has made life way easier than how it was. It reduces human effort, time and makes things easier with just clicks away.

Now, instead of standing in long queues for hours and hours in order to attain personal loans, apps can help prevent that and make this process work quicker . The most striking part is that there are not limited options for online personal loan apps, rather one can pick and choose from a large variety of well constructed and built online apps as per the want. With respect to this, let’s throw highlight the best available instant personal loan apps in India. All these apps will gives you instant cash. And the cash is credited directly to your bank account.

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Top 10 Best Instant Personal Loan Apps- Get Instant Money to Bank


Kredit Bee

Out of the long list of online personal loan apps, KreditBee, has been known for quick and easy loan processing. It is an online platform for instant personal loan which especially is the ultimate choice for youth professionals and experts.

The documents required for the process are less and the entire application method runs completely online. The whole process commencing from registration to disbursement is a job of not more than 15 minutes. As soon as the application is approved, the cash is instantly transferred to the bank account of the applicant.

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Kredit bee
Kredit bee


PaySense is famously known for ‘quick solution to meet your financial needs’. The applicants looking for instant personal loans from Rs.5000 to Rs.5 lakh can use this app. It is user friendly for people who do not hold any history of credit and lending. The process of collecting required documents is convenient for the applicants. Once the application is complete and approved by authorities, the money is transferred to account holders directly and quickly. The EMI plans are highly affordable and manageable for people who require instant personal loan.


MoneyTap – Instant Personal Loan Apps

MoneyTap is a startup based in Bangalore, India which was launched in 2016. As the name of the company suggests, it helps the applicants to get instant approval for a credit line online of up to 5 lakhs just through few taps on screen. MoneyTap believes in the motto of ‘fast and flexible money at your fingertips.’ This app allows the applicants to withdraw even as less as Rs.3000. It permits the applicants to keep a track of all transactions that are made. The interesting feature of this app is that it provides attractive rewards and discounts on food, entertainment and fuel.

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money tap
money tap

IndiaLends – Best Instant Personal Loan App in India

This IndiaLends is a financial app based in New Delhi, India that aims to provide easy access to the common man. IndiaLends holds a rating of 4.4/5 on Google Play. It offers a great and secure platform for processing instant personal loans online. It offers affordable interest rates and a stress free procedure of applying for instant personal loans online in comparison with the traditional methods of processing loans. The app guarantees to offer assistance at every step even on an online application through highly trained representatives serving the applicants. The confidential information is ensured to be in safe hands.

NIRA- Instant Personal Loan App

NIRA promotes the idea of financial freedom by providing instant personal loans, anytime and anywhere. It has four main goals for processing personal loans which include security, transparency, flexibility and simplicity. NIRA has partnered with Federal Bank which is one of the leading banks of India and has more than 1250 branches. The process of getting instant personal loan through this app is as easy as it sounds. It begins with downloading the app, uploading the required documents, setup auto-debit and avail credit. This app ensures that the customer pays interest only on what they use.


Through CASHe, one can get instant personal loan in a simple and swift manner. The app can be easily found on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It offers instant personal loans for multiple reasons like for making a big purchase, going for a dream vacation or to meet any medical and financial emergency. Cashe provides instant personal loans ranging from an amount of Rs.10, 000 to Rs.200,000 for 15, 30, 90 and 180 days. It ensures money transfer in your bank account within a few minutes once the correct documentation has been done.


India Bulls Dhani

India Bulls Dhani ensures an easy and convenient experience of getting instant personal loan. It offers best and reasonable interest rates to its customers. This app offers loans beginning from Rs.1000 to Rs.15 lakhs disbursed in the customer’s bank account directly. The documents needed for instant verification include pan card and address proof. India Bulls Dhani provides help to finance almost anything you wish for including education, marriage, travel, business and medical or other financial requirements. The app ensures that it has the customer covered irrespective of the reason of why loan is needed.

Early Salary

This App Early Salary wants a paper free and a hassle free journey for its customers who require instant personal loans. With just a click away, download the app and provide the required documents to get quick and easy personal loans. The applicant does not have to wait for days to get the approval and can rather get instant approval as soon as the particular documents required are attached. It permits to avail cash directly and quickly to the applicant’s bank account and allows paying in EMIs with no extra cost. The entire journey of the customer is digital which does not consume much time or human effort.

Flex salary

As the name suggests, this app provides flexible methods of processing instant personal loan. This app has been featured in well known magazines and newspapers like Business Today, The Times of India and Business Standard. It aims to aid all the professionals who especially may face mid-month crisis by providing instant personal loans. Flex Salary offers instant personal loans up to Rs.2, 00,000 with flexible payback terms. It ensures to cover emergency needs of the Indian customers before they even receive their salary.

Money in Minutes

The Money in Minutes calls itself a ‘new age lending platform’ providing small and yet quick cash loans guaranteeing fast money online in minutes. The most striking feature of this app is that even when the customer is registering on the app, the team already starts working as well as processing the application for loan. This app also offers a platform to gain affordable loans and some goodies by being a part of the MIM Club. After the customer becomes a member of this club, they are given a reduction in interest rates. They offer a streamlined, swift and smooth process of getting instant personal loans for any use.


These apps listed in this article by on Instant Personal Loan Apps, make life easier for all the customers who want to save time and get the best possible content. Before downloading any online cash loan app, one should go through the ‘terms and conditions’ and should be cautious while accessing them. These online personal loan apps should be certified and should have a legal license. Nevertheless, the above mentioned apps are popular and are known for providing good services.

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